White Paper Available from the PPIM Conference: Pipeline Regulation and Direct Assessment

Due to an increase in regulations regarding pipeline integrity management of aging infrastructures, it is becoming more apparent that operators must utilize existing databases to identify potential areas of threat at an increased frequency and with additional considerations.

At the 24th International Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management (PPIM) Conference this week, we teamed up with NiSource Gas Transmission and Storage to provide project histories of GIS as a tool to be used during implementation of direct-assessment programs for pipeline integrity compliance. The audience learned how the GIS system saved considerable time and costs.

A copy of the presentation white paper Pipeline Regulation and Overview of Direct Assessment is available for download.

The paper focuses not only on GIS integration of the direct-assessment results, but also provides a real account from NiSource and Willbros Engineering, showing how, at each step of the direct-assessment process, the team worked to determine the best, cost-effective, and compliant approach to each forward step

PPIM is the industry’s only forum devoted exclusively to pigging for maintenance and inspection, as well as pipeline integrity evaluation and repair.

Ed Nicholson, Integrity Engineer of NiSource, joined Amy Jo McKean, Project Manager, and Brad Leonard, Senior Manager Corrosion Services, of Willbros for the presentation. Among the attendees were those from engineering management and field operations representing both transmission and distribution companies concerned with improved operations and integrity management.

NiSource Gas Transmission & Storage has a network of about 15,000 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines used to transport natural gas supplies from a wide range of U.S. production basins to some of the nation’s highest value energy markets. It also operates one of the nation’s largest underground natural gas storage systems, capable of storing more than 600 billion cubic feet of natural gas for its customers.

Direct-assessment analysis and data integration for most operators has come in the form of specialized software from various industry vendors. By utilizing its GIS as the basis for the algorithm, NiSource was able to efficiently move from step to step in the process without considerable loss of ‘daylight’ as deadlines approach for completion due to regulations and heating season.

Download: Pipeline Regulation and Overview of Direct Assessment” in PDF Format.